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I was lucky. Skins was through open auditions so it was a long, scary and gruelling process to get to the final stage and get that first job.

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New still of Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair in Mockingjay Part 1

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Karla Souza for Refinery29

Santa Monica, CA

September 2014

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NICK: Daddy’s here to take care of you. I’m gonna guide you through it.

CECE: And Mommy’s got nothing to do this afternoon so I’m gonna bake some damn brownies so we can all freak out.

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Introducing… Marco Reus

(inspo. x x)

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Happy Birthday Olivier Giroud! ( September 30th 1986)

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Ewan McGregor on the set of Beginners (2010).

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Robert Lewandowski during todays press conference before the match against CSKA Moscow x

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I’ve read a lot of different versions of myself - and all of them are true because it’s all opinion, and they’re as accurate as it can ever be. But I don’t think that I’ve been deft at hiding parts of my personality.

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Happy 38th Birthday Michael Ballack! [26 September 1976]

↳ “As a child, I could never have even dreamt of having such a career. It was a privilege working with first-class coaches and fantastic teammates”.

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